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Primobol 100 ~ British Dragon


Primobol 100 (methenolone enanthate) 100 mg/ml (10 ml), British Dragon

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    Primobolan Depot - Primobol Inject by British Dragon
    An order includes: 10 ml vial containing 1000 mg
    1 ml contains: 100 mg / ml
    ml per order: 10 ml
    An order contains a total of 1000 mg

    Anwedungsbereich:The scope of Primobolan is recommended for the beginner in the case of steroid use. While there is a mild-acting steroid but it still recognizes successes and there are as good as any side effects that occur with stronger steroids away because it aufweißt rather a high proportion of anabolic.
    purpose:The purpose of Primobolan allows the user to make the entrance as pleasant as possible and to get the body of extra injections of steroids, because at lower doses has a low Wahscheinlichkeit of side effects are nonexistent.
    General:Primobolan is a unique steroid that as well as vorweisst no side effects.It has a stimulating effect on acne or water bearing because it has a stronger anabolic effect. Not only this advantage differs from other steroids Primobolan. Another advantage is that it is as good as increases the nitrogen balance and thus the protein intake leads to the muscle tissue and provides the muscle and mass.effect:The effect is the same as with Deca Durabolin. It ensures the nitrogen is deposited and the protein intake for building muscle and its volume (the mass) is used by the food. The only difference is in the strength of the Präparats.Es is milder, yet the process the body goes same way as for other steroids, only that it does not promise the same results as this preparation vorweisst a rather milder effect and thus to see small successes are.

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