Trenbolone acetate was developed exclusively as a veterinary steroid. It was officially discontinued in the late 1980s, and has since appeared under the commercial name Finaplix or Finaject. Because of its irreplaceable effects on muscle growth, it has quickly become a favorite steroid, especially among bodybuilders. From our trusted steroid shop you can order original trenbolone acetate online without prescription.


Trenbolone is characterized by very strong anabolic action and moderate androgenic action. Since trenbolone acetate does not aromatize it means that it does not cause the retention of salt and water in the body, it is also very suitable for the pre-competition period, when we are mainly interested in the quality and hardness of the muscles. Its strong effect is a huge increase in strength with a smaller increase in body weight. When combined with other steroids in the volume phase, the growth of massive and high-quality muscle mass is also guaranteed. When used during the drawing phase, its effects on fat burning and muscle quality are comparable to growth hormone.

Side effects of Trenbolone:

As with all anabolic steroids, with trenbolone, side effects depend on the dose of the substance. In general, however, the
side effects of trenbolone acetate are among the more pronounced. In general, Trenbolone is one of the very toxic substances for the body. It is a high burden on the kidneys, urine is darkly colored, sometimes brown, and rarely can even blood in the urine! Furthermore, its androgenic side effects such as aggression, headaches, acne, as well as increased blood pressure, should be borne in mind, which athletes should pay particular attention to.


Trenbolone acetate works only briefly, so it should be administered at least every other day. More advanced steroid users apply it daily. The
usual doses are 120-360 mg per week.

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