Injecting steroids are much more difficult to administer than oral steroids, which we just drink with plenty of water.
Injectable steroids exist in two variants - 1. The substance is dissolved in oil (nowadays 99% of steroids), 2. The substance is dissolved in water (Winstrol is the most important, application is painful).

The choice of needles and syringes is important. For withdrawing from the ampoule, it is advisable to use a larger needle diameter, preferably 0.7 mm, black needle. A 0.5 mm orange needle is usually sufficient for the application itself. Depending on the application site and the size of the subcutaneous fat, the length of the needle is chosen, in most cases a length of 25 - 30 mm is sufficient.

Now you know the basic information for injecting steroids and you can choose and buy anabolics that are right for you.

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