Clenbuterol is a well-known drug among athletes as well as among the general public looking for a miraculous weight loss preparation. It is a compound that is known as a beta-agonist, has a brilliant property of breaking down fat.

But the miraculous fat burner Clenbuterol has its drawbacks:

The main disadvantage of clenbuterol is the rapid slowdown of its function within cells. Scientific testing found that clenbuterol rapidly loses its anabolic properties and can cause muscular atrophy when used for a long time, due to an increase in myostatin levels.

Myostatin is a peptide that is part of one of the superficial growth factors TGF-beta. The solution to keep clenbuterol functioning as much as possible is to use myostatin blocking agents simultaneously. If this peptide is blocked in the body, the
anabolic action of clenbuterol is greatly increased and its smaller doses are sufficient for faster fat burning.

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