Primobolan is one type of anabolic steroids which has the sect that follows not unlike the actual version of Masteron. Viewing from its anabolic- androgenic ratio mentioned in the profile that it’s a weak steroid but in reality stronger than Masteron from both aspects. To analyze the Primobolan it would be better to judge by someone who would run both the compounds with same dose. But it is justified to some extend that either of the compounds will give similar results and you may consider it that you will get a less original drugs and more ester as you choose injectable Primobolan over Masteron. Primobolan has the long Enanthate ester attached with it whereas Masteron has very short propionate ester attached with it.
From the chemical structure as well as anaboli-androgenic rating we can consider that Primobolan is at laest as effective as Masteron for equal amount of mg basis. For the use of its ester for injection version it needs to be used for at least 12 weeks for getting its complete benefits.
Many bodybuilders think Primobolan as an indespensible compound for their pre-competition drug routine and can’t think about dieting without it. By judging the results of using both the compounds, it has been seen when mg potency and ester are same, these two compound as very similar.

Primobolan has been developed synthetically, it does not exist in any natural form. In his development, there was an effort to pursue the effects of testosterone, but without the side effects. This has been partially achieved as primobolan has almost no side effects, but its anabolic potential is significantly lower than testosterone.

Primobolan has only a weak effect when used alone. It is therefore advisable to combine it with other steroids.


A combination with a winstrol depot is suitable before the competition.
In the volume phase, it is often used together with dianabol and nandrolone.

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