Injectable form of Deca Durabolin has been introduced with name of Nandrolone Decanoate. Development of steroid has been done around the drug. It is made available in the market for the first time in 1962. The steroids act slowly in the body. Therefore, effect of the steroid can be seen only after three weeks.
Initially, it has been used for the disease of muscle wastage. Density of bone can be improved in the process. Growth of the muscle is one of the significant advantages of the drug. Count of cells with red blood is enhanced with the infusion of the steroid in the blood for about eight weeks. Problems related to intense workout can be resolved with the help of the Nandrolone. In case of dieting, mass gain can be seen in the subsequent phase as well. It is a type of steroid that can be utilized both in the pre and post season for excellent effect.
Nandrolone has shown effective result for the process of protein synthesis. Balance of nitrogen can be retained in the body due to various factors of synthesis. Condition of endurance can uplifted thoroughly.

Possible Side effects of Nandrolone:

Adverse effect of Nandrolone can be observed with organs like liver. It can lead to skin problems, hair loss and acne. Healing process after a phase of intense work out can be accentuated through absorption of medication. Relative pain in the joints can be eliminated in the process. It can be beneficial for treating old injuries as well.


According body weight, Nandrolone Decanoate must be introduced to the system. In case of a male athlete, it is possible to 2 mg of steroid for each pound. In this way 250 mg or 500 mg can be absorbed by body every week. It can be continued for about eight to twelve weeks. Minimum dosage for the athletes must be retained within 200 mg. On the other hand higher dosages can be placed at 400 mg per week.

Medical use:

Nandrolone is also used in medicine, for example, in severe burns where the body is in a catabolic state because of limited mobility. For this reason, it is also occasionally used in cancer patients. Previously, Nandrolone also existed in the form of eye drops, having good effects on corneal healing.

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