Trenbolone is divided into several variants. Esters slow are: a train. enantate, hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (parabolan) and then fast esters ie: train. acetate. Well, and finally, as fast as the only water-mixed trebobolon depo - great, within a few hours of rising and very strong ester.

Trenbolone is one of the strongest anabolics, it is an androgenic steroid with a very strong anabolic effect. Due to its effectiveness, it also has very significant side effects. These are mainly:

  • extreme aggression
  • shrinkage of the testicles, as it significantly affects the production of testosterone itself
  • insomnia with night sweats

It is highly toxic to the kidneys, when used we observe dark yellow to brown smelly urine, at very high doses blood can also appear in the urine.
The original Trenbolone has a relatively high price, don't be seduced by cheap counterfeits.

The majority of steroid users are afraid of trenbolone, but when the forest is thrown, the chips are flying, and a better preparation has not yet made mankind.

Trenbolone has always caused me a brutal muscle growth, insidious nausea, and terrible hardness of my muscles. Another effect I was watching was the superior absorption of nutrients from food, thus hunger and a great appetite for me.
Another thing I've noticed is a dramatic increase in power caused to a certain extent by mainly inhuman aggression.

The fact remains that observing the side effects of trenbulon on other scrapers has revealed that trenbolone only multiplies natural features. So someone is crying, somebody has depression, somebody's acting like an aggressive madman.

Personally, I think fast trenbolone at the close of preparation is indispensable for a bodybuilder.

Because trenbolone has a more or less strong androgenic effect, it must with side effects like acne, oily skin, increased aggression and support existing hereditary hair loss can be calculated. Because these side effects are not due to a dihydro-steroid conversion of trenbolone to one of the 5-alpha-reductases, these side effects can not be countered by reductase such as finasteride (Proscar).
Other side effects include strong, especially night sweats and insomnia, which, depending on the dosage and individual susceptibility can be very pronounced. In addition, trenbolone causes a prolonged and almost complete suppression of endogenous testosterone production, so in practice, on the one hand, usually follows a thought on the PCT demand and on the other hand Trenbolone is often combined with testosterone to prevent impotence.
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