Anadrol is still rarely used in medicine to treat AIDS, there are already much more effective drugs with fewer side effects. It can be said that it is the strongest and most effective anabolic steroid, but most of the weight gain is water, so it is especially suitable for the bulking phase of preparation. It is no exception when an athlete gains even 15 kilos in a very short time of about 3 weeks. Thanks to oxymetholone, you will feel the brutal pumping of muscles during training.


Because of the high toxicity of the oxymetholone and strong side effects, athletes are considered to be optimal at 50-100 mg per day. Of course, short-term misuse of this agent (at most 4-5 weeks) is only natural, because the receptors respond to this agent only briefly.

Side effects:

Although this steroid does not change directly to estrogen in the body, its effects are strongly estrogenic because it is bound in the body directly to estrogen receptors without the need for metabolism to estrogen. So high water retention and mammary gland enlargement is almost the norm for this steroid.
Water retention also brings about an increase in blood pressure.
Because Anadrol is metabolised to methyl dihydrotestosterone in the body, Anadrol causes hair loss and increased hair growth, especially on the back. A common negative effect is severe acne on the face, back, shoulders.
After taking oxymetholone, it is necessary to give high-quality post cycle therapy, because the production of your own testosterone will be almost at zero. So you need to start your body by taking Clomid and HCG.
Anadrol is also highly toxic to the liver, it is the only steroid that can cause liver cancer in extreme cases at very high doses and with long-term use. Anorexia also often occurs when taking this drug because it irritates the stomach.

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