This time I would like to introduce you to Trenbolone, this steroid is my favorite. My top is mainly because I use the whole preparation in different varieties.
The vast majority of steroid users are afraid of it, but in my opinion almost every substance has side effects, and if we want to grow a lot, we have to count on it.
Trenbolone is known to cause extreme muscle hardness, great veininess and brutal increase in strength. Furthermore, a very desirable effect for me is a greater appetite, or better absorption of nutrients from the intake of food. It promotes protein protein synthesis and positively affects nitrogen balance.
Trenbolone causes a great deal of aggressiveness for most users, and thus a desirable increase in strength. I can recommend this fast ester substance - such as acetate - for the final preparation before the competition.


Longer esters such as Trenbolone Enanthate are taken twice a week (2x 150 mg).
Quick esters - Trenbolone Acetate, I use about 50 - 100 mg daily.
It is important to respect the dosage, this substance has significant
side effects.

Side effects:

- Lactation may occur in more sensitive individuals due to increased estrogen levels in the body and also due to higher prolactin levels.
- Erectile Dysfunction - As this substance is very similar to nandrolone, erection problems may occur.
- Excessive sweating - like some other steroids, Trenbolone causes significant sweating.
- Insomnia - Bodybuilders have a problem falling asleep and waking up frequently.
- Toxic to the liver - is among the most toxic steroids ever.
- Huge load on the kidneys - often dark yellow to light brown, smelling of urine.

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